Heart Breads first oven was built out of what ever we could find fossicking at second hand yards and sales. It made sense to make our oven as low impact as possible both for the environment and the bank!


Using Alan Scott’s famous oven designs and the help of a close friend, Simon created Heart Breads oven number one. It is a large commercial wood fired brick oven that is capable of baking about 50 loaves at a time. Its retained heat allows Heart Breads to bake multiple oven loads throughout the night and into the next day.

As Heart Breads grew so did the need for a new oven that incorporated the use of more sophisticated hardwearing materials. Again Alan Scott’s design was followed and a larger more refined oven was built.

The ovens are rarely used in tandem except in the very busiest of times!


As for the tiles , well that was the biggest pleasure of all . The selection that Sonya from Jatana Interiors has on offer is simply sumptuous. Jatana - that must translate to The Queen of style...

Obviously a reliable supply of hard wood that burns at high temperatures is a vital component of baking from these ovens but is also a component that sits heavily within the Heart breads ethos. To engage in the wonderful old practices of baking Heart Breads had to find their own balance to offset the good with the bad. Heart Breads started a small planting program on their farm and now contributes to a reforestation program in Indonesia that helps save endangered species (SIES and Rain Forest Rescue). Our current wood supply is from old clearing sites within New South Wales .



Simon hand chops and splits the wood adding to the sheer physical nature of wood fired baking. As history would have it, both his grandfathers were axemen in the early 1900's cutting wood for the Kalgoorlie wood lines making wood cutting a family tradition.